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Wissee Influence Index

The Wissee Influence Index (WII) is powered by state-of-art, proprietary AI algorithms. It turns millions of retail investor and influencer discussions into dynamic business intelligence.

The Wissee Influence Index (WII) can help you:

  • Scan the market landscape 

  • Stay alert to and on top of millions of trending, online conversations

  • Identify market risks and spot winning opportunities before your competitors 

  • Make data-driven decisions with clarity and confidence

See around the corners, with Wissee’s alternative data analysis.

Receive daily updates on trending tickers before the markets open to stay ahead of changes.

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Our Products

Our cutting-edge products make market sentiment, business intelligence, and leading signals accessible. 

Dig deeper for reliable insights through our dashboards, datasets, reports and API integrations.

Manage risks and opportunities better

Investor Confidence Analytics

Utilize retail investors online data as a force for better decision-making.

Wissee’s proprietary investor confidence score helps you identify the trending stocks, monitor stocks sentiment, and detect abnormal activities.

Gain an information edge

Influencers Insights

Use the influencers data to extract unique insights on the company, brand and product performance.

Our state-of-art influencer trend and competitor intelligence leverages millions of conversations of influencers and experts.

Stay ahead of the competition

Predictions and Signals

  • Listen to early signals of high-impact events

  • Assess market changes from social media, trusted resources, and expert opinions

  • Get accurate financial predictions on company revenue and marketing expenses

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