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Wissee Insight Engine

Wissee is powered by state-of-art, proprietary AI algorithms. Our insight engine turns millions of retail investor and influencer discussions into dynamic business intelligence.

Level up your market intelligence

  • Stay alert and on top of millions of trending, online conversations among retail investors and influencers
  • Identify market risks and spot winning opportunities before your competitors 
  • Make data-driven decisions with clarity and confidence


Our cutting-edge products include dashboards, datasets and API integrations that make market sentiment, business intelligence, and reliable signals more accessible.

Manage risks and opportunities better

Retail Investor Confidence Matrix

The Wissee Investor Confidence Matrix helps you identify the trending stocks, monitor stock sentiment as well as detect risks and abnormal activities.

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Gain an information edge

Influencers Insights

Utilize influencers data to extract unique insights on company, brand and product performance.

Our state-of-the-art influencer trend and competitor intelligence turn millions of online, influencer conversations into meaningful business intelligence for you.

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Gain an information edge you never thought possible.


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