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Actionable insights for smarter investment decisions

Wissee is the world’s first expert-weighted financial sentiment analytics platform that creates reliable knowledge for investors and innovators.

Wissee enables data-driven decisions to maximize your investment value. It provides you with actionable insights by analyzing millions of data points on social media, news, articles, blogs, websites, and much more.

Reliable analytics to drive your performance

Wissee equips you with actionable analytics using our proprietary social media sentiment analysis and influencer insights. It instantly alerts you with market moving signals and disruptive forces.

With Wissee, you are always on top of the market and ahead of the competition.

10Xmore granular*

* Compared to traditional industry research methods

Insights you need to win the market

Social Trend Analysis
  • Create easy-to-read social media and news sentiment analysis
  • Catch real-time market signals from social media, news and opinion data
  • Detect and alert the early signals of high-impact events and changes
Influencer and Expert Insights
  • Uncover influencers and experts that are key market players
  • Rank the importance of the experts’ opinions based on our influencer index
  • Provide in-depth analytics on influencer’s sentiments and key opinions
Intelligent Market Search
  • Generate comprehensive analytics from multiple data sources
  • Conduct competitor analysis and compare data on similar companies
  • Identify revolving market changes and trends
Automated Industry Report
  • Get granular and instant data-driven insights in one report
  • Send reports to your email based on what you want and when you want it
  • Tailor the report content to your interest