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Wissee Insight Engine

Wissee is powered by state-of-art, proprietary AI algorithms. Our insight engine turns millions of retail investor and influencer discussions into dynamic business intelligence.

Level up your market intelligence

  • Stay on top of the industry and product trend with social big data
  • Understand your customers and competitors and power your product innovation and marketing
  • Optimize your content to best channel online traffic and drive product growth


Our cutting-edge products deliver actionable insights on product innovation, consumer behavior changes, and unique marketing intelligence.

Gain an information edge

Influencers Insights

Spot emerging brands and product trends: detect early signs of new brands and product trends that are gaining popularity and inform product selection and innovation.

Maximize the online marketing performance: identify best-fit influencers, evaluate their performance, create the best content to win over the audience, reduce ineffective marketing spend, and increase sales.

Conduct the most comprehensive competitor analysis: compare a brand with its competitors in terms of share of voice, consumer sentiment, influencer strategy, and online sales.

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Manage risks and opportunities better

Retail Investor Confidence Matrix

Utilize retail investor online data as a force for better decision-making.

The Wissee Investor Confidence Matrix helps you identify the trending stocks, monitor stock sentiment, and detect risks and abnormal activities.

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Gain an information edge you never thought possible.


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