About Us

Helping you see around the corners.

See Beyond Data

Wissee is an influencer-focused data analytics platform that creates reliable insights for investors, marketers, and innovators.

Wissee equips you with the best quality analytics using our proprietary Influence Index. The Wissee Influence Index (WII) is a dynamic benchmark to measure stock popularity and investors and influencers impact on the product, company and stock performance. By analyzing the online activities of investors, influencers, consumers and competitors, WII paints you a comprehensive picture of the company performance and market moving trends.

Turning Massive Online Data Into Reliable Insights

What We Stand For

To unleash the power of the machine and human intelligence, provide access to reliable insights, foster data-driven business decisions, and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Where We Want To Go

To become world's leading alternative data platform and revolutionize the way businesses make decisions.