Wissee is an AI-powered knowledge platform that creates reliable and accessible data analytics for investors and innovators.

Grounded in the state-of-art Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graph technologies, Wissee delivers the first expert-weighted financial sentiment analytics tool for stock market investors and business innovators to maximize their investment value.

Alternative data, particularly online media data, is transforming the financial market on an unprecedented scale. A Deloitte study noted that spending on alternative data in financial market may exceed 7 Billion by 2020.

However, there is a distinct lack of reliable and actionable analytics on the fast-moving market. And it is time-consuming and costly to connect relevant insights on the online media data. This is why we created Wissee, a reliable solution for alternative data analytics.

Wissee extracts actionable insights from millions of data points on social media, news, articles, blogs, websites, google trends, and much more. It unlocks valuable information hidden in the unstructured data and provides investors and innovators with a newfound information edge and an opportunity to maximize their investment value.

Turning alternative data into reliable insights

From big data to reliable insights


To unleash the power of machine and human intelligence, provide access to reliable insights, foster data-driven business decisions, and contribute to sustainable economic growth.


To become world's leading knowledge platform and revolutionize the way we make decisions.