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Meet the First Corporate Event Classification That’s Changing the Game for Investors and Decision Makers

15 Jun 2021 – Methodology

Traditional event classification methods fail. Why? Because there’s a lot of noise online and the volume of data is overwhelming.

That noise and volume mean that companies and investors miss some of the greatest opportunities - new events emerging online every second. This has a big impact on companies as well as how companies and investors make decisions. 

Corporate event classification is changing the game.

How do you even start to make sense of it all, let alone finding and identifying new events? You do it with Wissee’s Multiclass Corporate Event Classification Model.

Wissee Multiclass Corporate Event Classification is a cutting-edge, NLP model trained on five years of proprietary data collected from multiple online data sources. It’s the best in class, with 90% accuracy.

What makes this technology valuable

  • It’s an AI model trained on a unique, large-scale, multi-class online event data set.
  • It offers high classification accuracy with challenging online data.
  • It’s the first corporate event classification with online influencer and consumer activities.

Over 20 Key Corporate Events Topics are classified in the Wissee model

Conventional Events

Merger & acquisition; new product launch; partnerships; new offices; fundraising; legal; earnings announcement; spinoff; IPO; stock offering; stock split; bankruptcy; key hire.

Online Events

Social media campaigns; big influencer endorsement/opposition (favorable/unfavorable opinions); influencer selling; new ambassador partnership; consumer complaints; and other abnormal online activities.


Wissee event classification examples