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Create Viral Products And Reduce Inventory Costs With Social Big Data

Updated: May 26, 2022

Use Case: Product Selection

Who is the client:

A D2C fashion brand in women’s clothing

Challenges the client faced:

  • Every week, the brand added over 200 new products to its online store and many do not sell well.

The brand wants to create products that sell better and fit its audience's changing preferences.

  • High inventory cost for many products that do not sell well.

Success Highlights:

Case 1 Create viral products with early trend detection

Wissee detected that social discussions of floral dresses on social media were spiking months before customers search to buy.

The client designed and marketed the products before it went viral.

Floral Dress became the client's viral product, increasing traffic to the website and sales.

Case 2 Increase sales with Consumer-Centered Product Design

In August 2021, Wissee spotted that plaid was a trending pattern and analyzed the social discussions in various clothing categories and discovered that PLAID COATS were the most liked by consumers.

In November 2021, 70% of the client's sales in the Coat/Jacket category was from PLAID COATS designed with Wissee's insights on what consumers like.

Wissee's solutions:

1. Data-Driven Product Selection:

Wissee provides weekly trending products selection to help the client spot products with viral potential based on real-time insights on dynamic consumer preferences on social media.

2. Consumer-Centered Product Design: Weekly and seasonable updates on fashion topics and attributes that are popular

among top 2k+ fashion brands, 5M influencers and consumers to enable smart product design.