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May 16-May 23 Hottest Trends on Instagram

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Data source: 5M online fashion influencers

Style Highlights


As summer is coming, swimming suits, especially Bikini, has become a part of the lifestyle. Let's find a suitable and lovely Bikini for your beach days!

Mini Dresses

Girls wearing mini dresses is about being elegant, hot, simple, and to the point. If you feel insecure in your body, why not try a mini dress? Then, maybe you will start loving your body!

Cropped tops

Cropped tops are excellent and fashionable items as they make everyday styling easy for you! You can be classy, sporty, or causal with a variety of bottom wear, such as loose skirts and high-waisted pants.

Color Highlights


How to look chic and cute? Think about PINK!


What word do you think of when it comes to GREEN?

Vigor? Refreshment? Youth?

What's else in this week?

2022 Cannes Film Festival

#cannes #cannesfilmfestival

What is the most eye-catching red carpet look do you think?

Trending Hashtags of The Week

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