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May 23-May 30 Top Fashion Trends on Instagram

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Data source: 5M online fashion influencers

Style Highlights

Wide Leg Pants

If your legs happen to be a “problem” area for you, or you want to wear a pair of pants without feeling restrained, wide leg pants would be a fantastic choice for you since they make you super comfortable and glamorous at the same time!

Two Piece Set

Are you running out of inspiration about everyday looks? Or do you want to reduce expenditure on clothes? If so, I would recommend you a two-piece set as it's are cheaper than buying a top and bottom separately. You can effortlessly look fashionable by putting in a stylish two-piece set and some extra accessories to decorate!

Maxi/Midi Dress

Maxi/Midi Dresses are timeless fashion staples. It fits different occasions and can be elegant, gorgeous, flattering, cute, or casual, depending on how dressy you like to be.

Color Highlights


What's the first color that come up in your mind when it comes to warmth, elegance and passion?


Just like the sky, does blue bring you a feeling of freedom, imagination, and peace?

What's else in this week?

The Best Performing Influencer in Fashion last week

Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion wore three @fashionnova clothing in her 3 recent posts, all receiving over 1 MILLION LIKES. 3 posts together received 5.6 MILLION LIKES in less than a week!

Trending Hashtags of The Week

9 of top 45 trending hashtags are related to vocation/travel!

#travelgram #sheinsummervacay #vacation #holiday

#beach #beachlife #bikinilife #travelphotography #travel

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