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FW 2022 Detail & Pattern Trends Forecast for US WESTERN & SOUTHERN Fashion Styles

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From fringed leather/denim jackets to coats and sweaters, fringed trend is dominating the streets.

The walford cropped fringe faux suede jacket - Mauve @vicidolls Fringe faux suede jacket @anjouils

The boho-chic fringed cotton jacket

In the moment fringe crop denim jacket @dressmorewithless


The no boundaries juniors' chenille

The coffee brown fringe jacket fringe wweater @walmart




Sweaters and coats with cute buttons are popular.

Distressed denim shorts @abercrombie

Elegant formal red jacket

Barbie pink biker shorts

Distressed denim shorts @misslolaofficial

Denim mini skirt - Off white @ysl

Pink tulle midi skirt @vicidolls



Moms love graphic sweatshirts for family activities.

Mama script animal print graphic sweatshirt + "mini" script graphic sweatshirt + "mama's

boy" graphic @pinklily Blue smiley face tan graphic sweatshirt +

blue smiley face kids sweatshirt @pinklily

Graphic sweatshirts are popular choices for daily wear.

" NURSE" graphic sweatshirt @pinklily

"Beach Bum"corded graphic sweatshirt @pinklily

Boy mom smiley faded denim corded

graphic sweatshirt+ girl mom smiley pink

Salty script ivory cropped cord graphic corded graphic sweatshirt @pinklily

sweatshirt @pinklily



Stripe Fashion Trend: Striped sweaters/cardigans/shirts are ladies’ popular choices.

Torres striped knit sweater @vicidolls

Evolving love terracotta open knit striped

sweater @pinklily

Desert daydreamer pink striped knit

hoodie + shorts @pinklily

Travel halfway red/navy striped sweater +

shorts @pinklily

Taupe stripe block cardigan @beciga

Long sleeves stripe fitted top

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