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How a New Fashion Brand Double its Order Numbers and Triple its GMV in Four Months

Use Case: Data-Powered Precision Influencer Marketing

Who is the client:

An emerging fashion brand in women’s clothing and accessories in the US

Challenges the brand faces:

• It is a new brand with low brand awareness

• Limited budget for influencer marketing

• High fee (negative ROI) and low conversion rate with two influencer platforms it already tried

• It wants to recruit hundred of influencers to drive sales

Wissee's Solution:

  1. A multi-channel influencer database with over 5 million Fashion influencers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

  2. Machine learning models to accurately identify best-performing influencers.

  3. Automatic DM and emails to engage influencers efficiently.

  4. The most granular influencer analytics built to optimize the influencer strategy to boost sales.


With Wissee's powerful technology platform, the brand onboarded 900+ Influencers in 4 months. Its GMV increased by 208%, with orders increased by 125% and GMV per post increased by 193% .

Ready to accelerate your brand growth with data?

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+1 415 254 2666

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