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What were CELEBRITIES' top trending daily looks on Instagram June 06 - June 13?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Data source: 5M online fashion influencers

I bet you have seen many celebrities wearing gorgeous and formal outfits like gowns on different occasions. However, you may be curious about what they love to wear in daily life. With Wissee's powerful data analytics and tools, we show you top popular celebrities' daily looks on Instagram last week. Let's seek some wardrobe inspirations!

The American actress and singer Kristen

Bell in a off-the shoulder black maxi dress The American singer Lizzo wore a Special

Pink and Purple Airbrush T-shirt

The Japanese actress Yuko Araki (新木優子)...

in a half-quarter puff sleeve blouse and a

black mermaid skirt, with a Dior Jacquard in a dark blue loose skirt and wide leg

Wicker Basket Bag pants, with a Dior Lady D-Joy Bag

The American model and actress Suelyn

The Indonesian actress and singer Febby Medeiros in a cut-out embroidered blouse