Investor Confidence Matrix

Turn millions of retail investor data into valuable signals

Are you an investor drowning in millions of data points from fast-moving platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube who have no clear way to make sense of or make decisions ABOUT any of this information?

We built the Wissee Investor Confidence Matrix to analyze millions of dynamic conversations from:


Retail Investors

5 years

of long history data

3 major platforms

Reddit, Twitter
and Youtube

Delivering Accurate Analytics

Our proprietary sentiment analysis and entity mapping algorithms deliver the most accurate analytics to you

Get sharper insights

The results are changing the game for investors and decision-makers around the world

Top stocks scored by our Investor Confidence Matrix had 110% return in April 2021. Compare that to 28% of SP500 return in the same period.

There’s a high correlation between Investor Confidence Score and stock price.

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The most comprehensive data on retail investors

Wissee transforms the online unstructured data into multidimensional indicators on:

  • Investor sentiment
    Sentiment score and net positive sentiment (confidence) score
  • Stock popularity indicators
    # of mentions, bullish/bearish posts, share count (repost/retweet)
  • Likes/Upvotes and User count
  • Delivery mechanisms: API, Excel, CSV, SQL, Dashboard
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Access real-time market changes

  • Get daily updates on the trending stocks among retail investors
  • Monitor the investor sentiment on your stocks
  • Make sense of millions of retail investor conversations
  • Detect early signs of changes and get alerted
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